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In the international panorama the first law belongs to California in 1990, after was extended in others states of North America, and others nations (Canada, Australia, Inghilterra).
Accordind to ISTAT data 2018 about 3 and half million women in Italy were victims of persecutory acts in their life, about 2 million by ex-partner, similar number by other persons. Women are more exposed than men, the female victims fluctuates around 80% of knowed cases.

Stalking is...

Any behavior in which someone repeatedly engages in conduct directed to another person, who clearly doesn’t want, with persistent attentions, contacts, following and harassment.

Emotional changes are worry about personal or of others safety, anxiety, stress, depression, self-blame ecc. In one word, stalking causes the destabilizing effect such as to force the victim to alter it lifestyle. The author of the actions is mostly ex-partener, casual acquaintances or reject admirer.

The crime of stalking is part of the italian legal system with the law 38/2009 that introduced, with the art. 612 bis criminal code, the crime of “persecutory acts”, subsequently modified by law 119/2013 against gender violence.

A new form of the crime is represented by the cyber stalking that takes place in internet platforms, through acts of intrusion in the person’s life, repeated and obsessive harassments.

The action of stalking

1. unwanted telephone calls, sms or on line;

2. unwanted gift or other items;

3. unwanted approaching;

4. spying, following, loitering outside the home or workplace;

5. damaging personal things and also of family members;

6. threats and physical attacks etc..

Who we are

An non-profit association that was born in Florence on the initiative of a group of people who decide to dedicate their professionalism to the prevention and intervetion programs, providing timely and effective support, psychological and legal, in favor of the victims.

The multidisciplinary team carries out the analysis of the cases aimed at identifying the degree of risk ( escalation ) for the victims in critical situations.

The help can be provided to both: victim and author of actions of stalking.


The first contact with us

Contact us

by telephone, by e-mail, website

Listening space

by “listening space”, face to face for a first and immediate psychological and legal support with an appointment in whic we listen you and to assess the contingent situation and define the objectives

Local institutions

contacts trought the cooperation with the Institutions (Polizia, Carabinieri , social services of local admistrations - Comune di Firenze and others Comuni ecc.)

We offer legal counseling. We preserve confidentiality according to law of privacy. The information entrusted to us will not be shared with anyone else without your consent. The activity is based on volunteering, our service is free of charge.